How To Play

All our clue hunts are "SMS Text Based" meaning all you'll need is a mobile phone and a brain for mysteries!

Step 1: Choose your Adventure

Depending on what you're looking for, maybe it's a date idea for 2? A Clue Hunt involving Food? Or maybe a full day immersive city wide experience, we've got the clue hunt for you! Simply scroll through our clue hunt cards and pick the one you fancy!

Step 2: Sign you and your friends up!

Follow the simple instructions to purchase your chosen clue hunt. During this stage you can add players, specify teams, and select the date (note not all clue hunts require a selected date).

Made a mistake in your booking or left someone out? No problem! Players can be added or removed, dates can be changed and a full refund can be given after you've signed up! Once you've signed up a confirmation text and email will be sent to you with the starting instructions.

Step 3: Go to the start location and text "START"

Once you’ve signed up, you'll be told when and where your clue hunt starts (Not all our adventures require specific start times), head to the specified location and using one of the phone number you signed up with text "start" and your clue hunt will begin! If you've got multiple teams, you can stagger the start times.


Once you've started your adventure you will receive SMS texts that will provide instructions. For example, "make like a bridge and head for the climbing star" may require you to cross a "River street" towards a sign for the "Rising Sun" pub, the clues may also ask you to solve puzzles, answer riddles, calculate equations, use your taste buds and more! The clues will lead you through the city, museums, pubs, restaurants and beyond!

Step 5: Provide the answer!

Once you've followed the clue correctly it will require an answer, respond to the text with your answer. If you're right, you'll get the next clue, if you're wrong you'll get a time penalty. If you're stuck, you can always ask for help.


There will be rest stops along the way to eat and drink (the clock is paused in these) but eventually you will work your way through the city to the final clue! Once you've answered it, your time will be sent to you and uploaded to the website to compare to your friends, there may even be prizes….

So get out there and GET CLUE HUNTING!