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Peter Pan has lost his shadow somewhere in London! It’s up to you, his new recruits to search the cryptic streets of London and try to reunite Pan with his shadow. But beware, some say the streets are stalked by the dreaded Pirate CAPTAIN HOOK! This full day immersive experience will lead you around Bloomsbury, into museums, pubs, parks and much more! Fun for the whole family! Will you solve Pan’s riddles? Or will you be captured by Hook and walk the plank? Only one way to find out.

Running dates

Runs every Saturday and Sunday Except for Christmas.

Start time

A 2-4 Hour experience must be started before 12:30pm (noon).

Start location:

Outside The Bloomsbury Tavern
236 Shaftesbury Ave, Holborn, London WC2H 8EG


2-4 hours

Can children take part?

Yes. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Between 16th April and 31st August must be started before 7:30pm any day. Between 1st September and 15th April must be started before 5pm any day"

£17.00 per person

Fully Flexible tickets: get a full refund for any reason if you need to cancel, right up to the day of your booking.

NOTE due to covid all games have been made covid secure so that they are playable and in line with Government regulations. That is to say they all occur entirely outside and any indoor sections have been skipped (the prices have also been lowered to reflect this). Please follow government guidelines when taking part in clue hunts.

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